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Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hashbrowns and Onions

     So, good news! First, Cameron's mother is signing over her rights tomorrow.... meaning we will be able to adopt him in February sometime (which happens to be his birthday, so a great gift for him as well as for us!). His daily question of, "When is it my turn to be adopted?" will finally be answered! Although, we are waiting to tell him once she signs those papers... because I don't trust that some unexpected quirk will develop. But I'm dying to tell him so that he can feel a semblance of peace and excitement:) Secondly, Isaac slept through the night TWO nights in a row! Seven hours the first night, and six hours last night, meaning our household is more rested than it has been in six weeks. (Hallelujah Chorus, anyone?) The bad news is that baby boy continues to fuss and scream into the evening like a crazy banshee. It got so bad the other night that I was forced to call the doctor at 11:30pm. We were told to get him to the ER due to his odd behavior; not calming when fed, some spitting up, cold and clammy skin, then hot and sweaty skin... and finally he began to move his head back and forth like a small, chubby Stevie Wonder, and he wouldn't make eye contact with anyone. That officially freaked the crap out of me, because I've never seen an infant's head move like that! Apparently he had a fever seizure (which is the body's way of breaking a fever... I'd never heard of it before, but apparently it happens), he had air in his belly, and traces of blood in his stool.
     The doctor had us change his formula for the 4th time to a medicated brand that deals with baby food allergies. You know how regular formula has that semi-sweet, baby-like aroma? Well, now our little guy smells constantly of day old hash browns and onions... I still can't decide if he makes me hungry or nauseous. His belly does appear less swollen; however, I can't figure out why he's still screaming! Even now, my husband has him in the other room and he's belting it out as if he were practicing for the murder scene in a movie. I'm so grateful for the sleeping through the night, but I'd love to have some time with my baby where he isn't flailing and beat red from exasperated tears. Thus, this post is forced to be short so I can relieve my husband from his duties. Afterall, I'm on first shift for the night and he gets the rest of the late-night whimpers. Time for the ear plugs!

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  1. So happy for your awesome news and the coming adoption! That is wonderful! And the two nights of sleep. Poor baby boy....it reminds me SO much of Tyler's colic and fussiness. I am glad to hear the doctor finally is getting him on a hypoallergenic formula. It took a few days but we did see a big difference in the colic with Tyler after we started that. Also babies can give themselves seizure type symptoms from severe colic/reflux...Tyler did that a few times and it scared me to death, but doctor said it was definitely a pain response...the upset tummy/reflux/colic gets to be so bad that they just resort to a seizure like response. There were about three weeks he would do it and I spent a gazillion hours googling seizures in babies and getting really worried, but as soon as we got the colic problem straightened out (which was all reflux induced in Ty) the seizure type behavior stopped too. Hang in there, sounds like he is doing better just sleeping through the night!