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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Llama Love

     I thought it would be fun (and necessary) to spend some quality time with Cameron, just me and him, over the weekend. After giving him the opportunity to pick our activity (the pet store), I quickly realized we were either going to be coming home with tears or a guinea pig (don't worry, Mommies, I was strong... although that guinea pig was awfully cute and Cameron's tears were awfully convincing!). And even though the day itself was productive and filled with memorable moments, it was the conversations between the two of us that will remain in my mind for years to come.

Cam: "Mom, am I gonna get married some day?"
Me: "Yeah, probably, Cam."
Cam: (sigh) "I don't even know how I'm gonna find a girl with the last name 'Costa'..."
Me: "Well, Bud, that's not how it works.... when you get married, the girl changes her last name to Costa,         like yours... you don't have to find a girl with that name already. That would make for slim pickin's"
Cam: "Oh... how do I find a girl to marry? Do I just open up doors and say 'Hi, my name is Cameron, do you want to marry me?'"
Me: "Uh, no... that would be weird. You meet girls and ask them on dates... after you've graduated from college, of course."
Cam: "What's a date?"
Me: "A date is when you ask a girl to go to dinner or a movie or to hang out, and then you spend lots of time talking.... and you pay for her meal."
Cam: "That's not fair."
Me: "It's dating. It's not supposed to be fair."
Cam: "Who do I ask on dates?"
Me: "Well, when you're much older, you will find a nice, Christian girl that loves her family, has a good sense of humor, cares about animals as much as you do, someone that helps others, and someone who is pretty, and you'll ask her on a date."
Cam: (bashful grin) "She'll be pretty...."
Me: "Yes, and then after you've taken her on many, many dates, you'll fall in love, ask her to marry you, have a wedding, and then get a house together."
Cam: (big sigh) "I think I'll just get a llama."

Fast forward to an hour later.

Cam: "Mom, when I was living with my dad, he would do bad stuff in his room with 'Chelle... they moved the bed all over and broke it. It was nasty!"
Me: "Well, Cam, not everyone is quite as expressive to one another as to break the bed, but they are married, so that's what married people do."
Cam: "No way! I'm not doing that when I get married!"
Me: "Then you won't be having any babies, Bud. That's how mommies get pregnant."
Cam: "Are you serious??"
Me: "You bet."
Cam: "Well then I'm DEFINITELY getting a llama!"

I will have to remind him of this llama when he's 16 and ready to date!

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  1. I agree with Cam; he's a wise young man! Llamas or bust! :-)