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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Cowboy Boot Debacle

     After spending several hours at Urgent Care this morning, I decided to brave Walmart. I simply couldn't pass up the opportunity to spread bronchial cheer to the rest of the costume shoppers. (I see a movie in my future...."The Grinch Who Coughed Up A Lung All Over Halloween"; it's wordy, but I really think I'm on to something.) Anyways, It just so happens that Walmart is in the same plaza as Urgent Care. So, despite feeling loopy and having the need to spit like a baseball player every few minutes, I tackled the craziest store in the planet.... on a SATURDAY. It's not that I'm a glutton for punishment or anything like that, it's just that I completely despise wasting gas money. Therefore, if I'm near a store that I've been needing to get to for a few weeks, I go (bronchitis or not)!
     I was in the desperate search for children's cowboy boots to complete Cameron's Halloween costume. However, about 4,000 rows stood between the front door of the store and the shoe section. So, as you can imagine, I ended up with a shopping cart full of useless crap that I have all intentions of returning whenever I can work up the courage to re-enter the store again. Apart from the millions of people in Walmart today (and everyday), the temperature in that place felt like we were situated about 3 feet away from the surface of the sun. There were 3 holidays worth of decorations in every direction, children running wild, and people who didn't look so handicapped blocking entire isles with their Walmart riding buggies. And all I needed was a pair of cowboy boots!!!! Well, and a car charger. And some astringent.... and apparently snow pants for the kids, with matching gloves. And then there were these really cute knee socks for Taylor that had hearts on them, you know, for a good stocking-stuffer 3 holidays from now. Oh, and Cameron needed that new belt AND church shoes to match his recent growth spurt. Plus, the nightlight lighbulbs that we ran out of weeks ago....
     When I emerged from the store, tired-- hungry-- cranky, I literally felt like my mind was in a cloud. Stunned by the sensory overload that is department store shopping, I firmly decided that Walmart is not wise for me even on my best day, let alone when I'm sick as a dog. So, disgusted with myself, I drove home in shame. I left my bags in the trunk and plan to relive my absurd purchases in the light of a new day. This sick Mama is far too tired to deal with the regrets of impulse-shopping right now. But at least Cameron will have his cowboy boots.... did I mention they have camouflage on them? (Because living on a farm in Western PA and being obsessed with tractors isn't hick enough.) Goodnight, fellow mommies.


  1. Feel better soon honey. Get lots of rest. lol

  2. I especially enjoyed the 10 minute tale about the Cleopatra costume you bought...but realized was a huge mistake and agonized about returning forever...and then whined about having to make another trip to return...and then agonized about what a fool you were to have bought it all...and then finally decided you needed to try it on, just because it might look awesome.

    I really got a kick from explaining the history behind Cleopatra for 10 minutes. When you finally asked me why I was telling you all this stuff you couldn't care less about I was able to ask you why did you think I cared about your costume in the first place? That was awesome